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Our Experience

Birth injury

Childbirth is risky for baby and Mum, so the risks need to be properly managed or things can quickly go wrong.  We are helping a large number of children and parents affected by following birth injuries:

  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Erb's Palsy
  • Hip dysplasia
  • Vaginal tears
  • Fissures
  • Pre-eclampsia

Surgical error

Many of us will at some time need an operation and unfortunately avoidable errors sometimes occur. We have helped families affected by surgical errors such as:

  • Incorrect, inadequate or unnecessary surgery
  • Nerve, soft tissue or vein damage
  • Instruments and swabs left inside

Misdiagnosis or late diagnosis

Misdiagnosis can delay treatment and seriously affect your health.  Recent examples were we have helped people after a misdiagnosis include:

  • A fracture wrongly diagnosed as a sprain
  • Late diagnosis of appendicitis despite abdominal cramps
  • Late diagnosis of lung cancer after an x-ray showed signs
  • Repeated misdiagnosis of bladder cancer as an urinary tract infection 

Wrong medication

Taking the wrong drugs is very serious and may well have be long-term implications. Examples of wrong medication claims we have successfully handled include:

  • Prescribing penicillin to which a patient is known to be allergic
  • Wrongly dispensed medication by a pharmacist
  • Drugs prescribed for too long, causing dependency

Lack of consent

A doctor should always explain the risk of any medical procedure, so that the patient can make a fully informed decision on whether to have the treatment, or not.  If a doctor doesn't explain possible alternatives or all the risks of a procedure, they may be negligent.

Why Choose Us?

We will listen to you, provide compassionate advice and if we can help you, our experienced solicitors will guide you through the process and work hard for you to secure:

  • Rehabilitation 
  • Maximum compensation and
  • A just outcome

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