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We can provide you with details of independent mediators who are specially trained to help resolve disputes over any issues that you may be facing or specific issues such as children.  

We can assist you by arranging the mediation meetings and help you to prepare and debrief after each session as and how you would like us to work.  

Ordinarily, a mediator would meet with you and your former partner together and help you to identify the issues that you cant agree on and help you try to reach agreement between you.

It is important to note that mediators are neutral and do not take sides so they cant give advice to either of you. It is recommended that you obtain legal advice alongside the mediation sessions to help to guide you through the process. 

Initially, you would need to attend a mediation assessment meeting in order to assess your suitability for the process and this is normally done individually. If your former partner will not attend the assessment meeting, then clearly mediation cannot go ahead.

However, if both of you are willing to go through the mediation process, then further sessions can be booked together to work out the details and finalise a proposal which can then be sent to us in order to put together a legally binding document and oversee any implementation.  

Please contact Kelly Perks at if you require further details of the mediation process, and how we can assist you in the same. Please also click on the link here in order to read more about mediation in a document produced by Resolution which provides more information.

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