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Intellectual Property

The modern business world requires innovation, ingenuity and creativity.  As such, many businesses rely on the protection of their intellectual property rights in order to survive in today's competitive markets. 

The work dealt with by the team includes:

  • patents, registered and unregistered designs (UK and EU), trade secrets, and licensing agreements
  • branding issues including trade mark revocation applications, infringement and passing off
  • confidentiality and freedom of information issues and data protection
  • copyright infringement.

Infringement of intellectual property rights inevitably requires that action is taken speedily.  As soon as an infringement has been identified it is essential to prevent further infringements and minimise losses to your business. 

Many disputes are resolved by seeking and obtaining undertakings from an infringer.  However, this is not always appropriate. Where necessary and where it is proportionate and economic to do so, urgent applications for injunctive relief can be made against infringers in order to stop further infringements, to obtain delivery up of offending goods and details of to whom goods have been supplied.  The obtaining of an injunction is often the beginning and the end of the litigation.  However, claims for damages or an account of profits may follow.

We will strive to achieve the best possible outcome for your business in line with both your objectives and budget.    

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