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Injunctive Relief

Injunctions can force an individual or company to do, or refrain from doing, some act which might cause harm to another's business or personal interests.  

Although not always the case, inunctions sometimes need to be sought urgently to protect business interests, such as where confidential information has been stolen and might be used by an adversary or competitor, or where there is a risk of evidence being destroyed or hidden.  We have one of the largest and most experienced dispute resolution teams in the region, with significant resources, including our own in-house Solicitor-Advocate who can conduct proceedings in place of a barrister. This means we are able to meet clients' demands in cases of extreme urgency by ensuring injunction applications can be heard by the Courts within hours of initial instructions in appropriate cases. 

The team is regularly involved in obtaining injunctions for businesses and individuals, including:

Prohibitory injunctions - to prevent somebody from doing something they should not;

Mandatory injunctions - to force somebody to do something they are obliged to do;

Search & Preservation Orders - allowing entry to premises to search for evidence for use in proceedings and to preserve evidence pending trial; and

Freezing Orders - where the Court freezes the assets of Defendant, be it within the United Kingdom or worldwide.

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