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Disputes in the highly regulated world in which we live are a fact of commercial and personal life.  Our aim is to bring about the resolution of disputes in a proportionate and cost effective way using the array of methods available:

  • negotiation
  • mediation
  • expert determination
  • early neutral evaluation
  • litigation

A combination of these methods is frequently used.  Litigation remains one of the most important tools in the armoury of clients.  It is not an end in itself.  Like other methods, it is a means of bringing about a resolution.

We recognise that you want to know your prospects of success and the cost of our advice up front.  We will :

  • carry out a risk benefit analysis with you
  • agree a strategy with you
  • provide you with costs estimate or agree cost caps with you
  • agree times for delivery

We appreciate that dispute resolution can be a costly business and consider that it is important that our approach to costs is transparent.

Our specialists in their field are dedicated to providing clients with practical advice and solutions to problems. 

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