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Corporate Compliance

We understand that you have a business to run and that spending time dealing with compliance and regulatory issues is not where you are most productive.  We are here to help guide your business through the minefield of legislation.

Our compliance team, operated by experienced company lawyers, can take on the burden that the legislation imposes.

What are my obligations?

A UK company is obliged to maintain statutory records of its officers and members and make this available for public review.  The majority of statutory books we review prior to transactions completing are out of date and need to be reconstituted at some expense.  The company's officers are also obliged to:

  • maintain all other registers required by the Companies Act 2006
  • ensure all returns, accounts, resolutions and statutory forms are filed within the prescribed time limits
  • draft appropriate minutes of directors and members meetings

The Consequences of Non-Compliance

Whilst these duties often fall to the bottom of your in-tray, failure to comply is likely to result in penalties for the company and its officers.  Penalties may not always be financial.  Serious breaches may constitute a criminal offence.  How can we help?

 To help you concentrate on what you do best, we can help by:

  • advising on the detailed changes under the Companies Act 2006 to ensure that your company complies with its obligations, recommending changes to the company's constitution so that it can take advantage of any changes
  • looking after your company secretarial responsibilities, giving you more time in your business and less paperwork, whilst minimizing the risk of non-compliance
  • ensuring your business is complying with its data protection requirements
  • guiding you through directors' duties
  • recording your major business decisions with proper board minutes, providing the paper trail to evidence your conclusions
  • maintain your company's records electronically so that they can be accessed and supplied easily
  • reducing paperwork by filing documents electronically using our electronic filing systems

Data Protection

Whilst you may not think the Data Protection Act 1998 applies to you - it does!  Please read our guide to data protection.

Formation Services

We can form companies according to your requirements, whether they are general commercial companies limited by shares or companies limited by guarantee for property management purposes.  Our standard incorporation service includes:

  • advice on names and availability
  • incorporation of company
  • preparation of statutory books and minutes
  • issuing share certificates

Where bespoke articles are required, we are able to draft constitutional documents to your specific needs.  Please find our formation request form here.

No two businesses are the same, that is why we deal with our clients' businesses in different ways, tailoring our advice to your specific needs.  Call us to discuss your requirements.

Where services are required and fall outside our secretarial services, we can assist.  Please call us to discuss your requirements and for an estimate of fees.

The Corporate Compliance Unit is headed up by Geoff Kettle.

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