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In today's markets, businesses are making ever more use of technology to increase sales, reduce costs and improve business efficiency.  We can help ensure you are getting the legal aspects right and avoid the problems you probably were not even aware of.

Computer Contracts

Our services help anyone looking to invest in their IT infrastructure, as well as IT professionals.

When you are making a significant investment in IT, you need to know that legal protection is in place.  We take time to understand and help you achieve your business objectives.  Our expertise includes:

  • technology development contracts
  • software licences and distribution agreements
  • escrow arrangements
  • maintenance and support


For many, a website is a window to the business itself.  Whether you are selling online or merely using your website as a brochure, we can help you avoid the pitfalls of doing business on the web.  Did you know for instance that you may not own the rights in your own site, even though you paid for it?   Our specialist services include drafting and advising on:

  • terms of use of the website
  • privacy policies
  • website design and hosting agreements
  • intellectual property rights in the site

Online Trading

If you sell goods online, you are subject to a raft of legislation in addition to general contract laws.  Getting it wrong may prove to be expensive.  Do you know whether your customer qualifies for a statutory "cooling-off period"?  We can

  • draft terms of sale
  • advise on your rights and obligations under relevant legislation


The two most common security weaknesses in a business IT system are its website, and human error.  We can help you minimise those risks and avoid the costs, time and frustrations involved in recovering from an incident by

  • drafting email, acceptable use, information handling, CCTV and other policies
  • providing training
  • working alongside technical support teams who will ensure that appropriate safeguards are in place

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