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Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property covers a variety of  intangible, but nonetheless valuable, assets such as your brand, name and logo, product designs, customer lists and databases, innovations and know-how; even your website content, packaging designs, brochures and publicity material.  Commonly, these assets are protected by:

  • trade marks
  • copyright
  • patents
  • design rights

Often, protection is easier than you might expect.  The first step is to identify those assets that are important to your business.  Our IP team will then assist you to manage, protect and exploit your intellectual property.  We can assist with a variety of intellectual property issues including: 

  • identifying which is the most suitable form of protection for you
  • applications to register trade marks or design rights
  • advice on patents and copyright
  • drafting intellectual property documents such as licences and assignments
  • dealing with third parties who may be infringing your rights
  • advice on what to do if someone claims you are infringing their rights
  • pro-active management of your intellectual property portfolio

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