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We know you probably don't get as excited about your contracts as we do.  In most cases, documents are filed away after signature, gathering dust, never to be referred to again;  but if things go wrong, those pages may be all you have to enforce your rights or protect yourself from expensive claims.

Our commercial contract lawyers always put the emphasis on the "commercial"  before the "contract".  We take time to understand your business and your particular areas of risk.  That way we can draft a document which protects you as much as possible without resorting to excessive clauses that don't apply to you. We avoid Latin and lengthy legal terminology, preferring to draft in plain English wherever we can.

Our experienced team can assist with negotiating and drafting all commercial agreements including:

  • bespoke contracts
  • terms and conditions
  • agency and distribution agreements
  • supply contracts
  • development and manufacture agreements
  • tender documents

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