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Hoverboard legal warning as film fantasy becomes reality


Article date:  15/10/2015

Wednesday 21st October marks Back to the Future Day - the date Marty and Doc crashed the future in the second of the three time-travelling adventure films, released in November 1989.

And who knew back then that in 2015 hoverboards would be the latest mode of transport for celebrities and members of the public alike?

However, as we all go hoverboard mad, a leading expert on motoring law warns that joining this latest trend could lead to users breaking the law.

"The use of hoverboards seems to be increasing day by day," states Catherine Junor, a specialist in motoring and criminal law at Higgs & Sons solicitors. "But their popularity has led to the police issuing reminders that to use the boards on British roads and pavements is in fact illegal."

The self-balancing scooter or 'hoverboard' is the latest evolution of the infamous Segway, and the personal transportation device can be seen being used by the likes of music stars and footballers. They are also becoming increasingly popular on British streets and as a result, the Metropolitan Police yesterday offered a reminder via social media that it is in fact illegal to ride them on pavements and roads.

"Hoverboards cannot be ridden on roads as they cannot be insured or registered," continues Catherine Junor. "And using them on pavements is a breach of section 72 of the Highway Act, therefore, they can only be legally ridden on land which is private property with the owner's permission. Other than that, what may seem like harmless fun could potentially lead to a fine."

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