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Higgs & Sons is fully committed to achieving an environment which provides equality of opportunity to all.

We aim to provide and maintain an inclusive, supportive and friendly workplace.


  • Higgs & Sons is fully committed to providing a service and place of work where diversity is embraced and equality of opportunity is promoted.
  • We are committed to respecting human rights and believe that diversity benefits and adds value to our business. A diverse workforce helps to stimulate creativity and innovation through the introduction of fresh thinking and approaches.
  • Higgs & Sons aims to position Respect and Inclusion as a mainstream business issue with ownership and engagement across the firm. 

Respect & Inclusion at Higgs & Sons

  • Our commitment to diversity is brought to life through our Respect and Inclusion group and is chaired by our Managing Partner, Paul Hunt. The group works with us to help realise our vision to provide equal opportunities. We are a signatory to the Law Society Diversion and Inclusion Charter, having joined in 2012.
  • Our partnership is committed to the Respect and Inclusion agenda; partners Paul Hunt, Susheel Gupta and Julia Lowe form part of the Respect and Inclusion group.

Our People

  • We are committed to providing a service and workplace that is fair, transparent and equitable and one that is free from discrimination and harassment. We will value all differences, both visible and non visible, across our staff, suppliers and clients.
  • Higgs & Sons values the diversity of our workforce and all the differences that our people bring to the firm. Our aim is to remove any barriers for everyone to realise their full potential in a transparent culture.
  • Higgs & Sons is a vibrant and diverse community in which all individuals are respected and are able to make the best use of their skills and capabilities. We will maintain a culture of meritocracy in all relevant decisions and ensure the principles of fairness and equity are practised.

Our Clients

  • We treat all clients equally and fairly and do not unlawfully discriminate against them. We will also, wherever possible, take steps to promote equal opportunity in relation to access to the legal services that we provide, taking account of the diversity of the communities that we serve.
  • We are committed to meeting the diverse needs of clients. We aim to create a work culture that values diversity, inclusiveness and respect, and that these values are reflected in our dealings with our clients.
  • We aim to provide clear, meaningful information about what we do and how we do it for our clients and potential clients in ways that best suit their individual needs. We will identify as early as possible any individual requirements that need to be met in order for a client to fully access our services and we will be responsive to their changing needs and requirements.

Our Suppliers

  • We are committed to the principle of equality and diversity in all our procurement practices and procedures.
  • We expect our chosen contractor or supplier to demonstrate that it maintains effective policies and procedures for ensuring equality and diversity.

What Respect and Inclusion means to us

Julia Lowe

"For me, Respect & Inclusion is not about a policy statement; it's about what we do in the business day to day, actions and not words."

Nicola Little

"I am proud that that Respect & Inclusion is a subject that's taken seriously at the highest levels within the firm."

Beverley Scriven

"Higgs & Sons has not shied away from changing attitudes. We do not want to stand still or simply take the route of least resistance and will strive to be innovative in our approach and exceed expectations."

Paul Hunt

"To me, respect and inclusion is about treating people the same, regardless of personal characteristics, their background, their position in the firm or any other factors."

Simon Bond

"For me diversity is not simply about advancing the interests of certain groups (as important as that might be). It is also about fostering an environment where our individual differences and contributions are recognised and respected."

Read the firm's policy here.

Read the Law Society's charter here.

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