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Higgs & Sons 8 - 8 Shoosmiths

In the words of the Looney Tunes, 'that's all folks'. And so another BTSS season comes to a close.

Despite the fact that neither team were challenging for the league, Higgs' final game was anything but a meaningless friendly. In fact it wasn't very 'friendly' at all. With Captain Cowles in charge, one can always expect fireworks and so it proved in what turned out to be one of the most aggressive and controversial games of the season. In what was already a very competitive game, with Shoosmiths getting themselves back in the game after being 6-3 down at one point, David Phillips had a goal disallowed, sparking heated exchanges between David, Joe and the goalkeeper of Shoosmiths. Higgs relented and the goal was ruled out. It would prove the difference between a victory and a draw in the end.

At 7-6 to Higgs, the match became further heated. It was clear that Shoosmiths were taking it seriously, as was Joe Cowles, constantly barking orders at his teammates. This was despite the fact he had told one of the burly players of the Shoosmiths team that it was 'only BTSS football' when the said player went to ground too easily and claimed a foul. There were physical battles going on all over the pitch, not least when Joe was informed by one of the Shoosmiths players that he would 'break' him. Fortunately, this never came about and Cowles scored again to make it 8-7.

Higgs' new goalkeeper John Harkness will have been disappointed to let in a fairly soft equaliser at the end after an otherwise impressive display. The Harkness clearly believed in a thing called love as Higgs ultimately shared the spoils with Shoosmiths.

Higgs can certainly reflect on the season with some pride as Captain Cowles led them to one of their highest finishes. This might turn out to be even more than just mid-table mediocrity, depending on the results of other teams who have yet to finish their season. With new signing Patrick O'Connor (upcoming first year trainee) set to make his debut next season, Higgs will look to progress further in the league next year.

Blog post written by Ben James

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