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Higgs & Sons 24 – 10 The University of Law

After recording victories over two of the league's biggest teams, Higgs faced a new team in the University of Law. Team Higgs - made up of Cowles, Al, Ben, Cole and Rich (no subs), immediately faced a challenge of fitness with the University of Law bringing not one, not two, but three substitutes.

With Ben deputising in goal at the start of the match, Rich and Al at the back, and Joe and Cole further forward penetrating the UL's defence, Higgs immediately exposed the opposition's soft underbelly (partly created by too much time spent in seminars and not enough time in the gym we believe). Big Al would never allow such a thing to happen.

Higgs raced into an 11-3 lead, although UL pulled it back to 11-6 before half-time with Higgs guilty of a mix-up in communications. Needless to say, Captain Cowles was not happy and roared Higgs on in the second half - Alex Salmond clearly getting his inspiration from Joe when later on that election night he pronounced that the "Scottish lion had roared".

As ever, Joe's hunger for goals was insatiable and he left the opposition's goalkeeper for dead on numerous occasions. Cole and Rich smashed in a few goals, Ben chipped in two and Al also contributed on one of his rare forays forward as Higgs racked up a 24-10 victory.

All in all, it was a good night as Higgs notched up another victory and boosted their goal difference which could be crucial to the outcome of the championship this season.

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