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The BTSS Annual Winter Ball – a Night to Remember

One of the highlights of being a trainee at Higgs is the involvement in the BTSS- the Birmingham Trainee Solicitors Society. Within my first week I had already attended an event! It's a great way to meet other young lawyers;  trainees, paralegals and newly qualified lawyers all attend from around the Birmingham area. The highlight of any BTSS members' calendar is however, the Annual Winter Ball.

We arrived at the ICC on Broad Street, Birmingham to be greeted by the BTSS committee (most of the members are second years' at Higgs) and a glass of champagne. The room was filled with young lawyers, many of whom I knew from studying the LPC in Birmingham. The next half hour was spent chatting and networking with other firms, and the atmosphere was warm and excitable- possibly helped along a little by the second glass of champagne. Then came the announcement that dinner was to be served, so we all made our way into the next hall.

Walking into the hall where dinner was held was like walking into a winter wonderland. The tables, walls, stage, bar and floor were all decorated with beautiful detail. Each table had an ornate decoration and each seat a goody bag! These were quite honestly the best goody bags I have seen- restaurant vouchers, discount codes, chewing gum, sweets, chocolates, beauty vouchers and even discounts for tailors such as T.M. Lewin! By this point everyone was excited and drinking in the beautiful decorated surroundings, and then came the food.

The food was delicious; presentation, flavour, texture and all-round olfactory experience was wonderful. The only issue was we had to wait for our desserts as one or two of us were so busy socialising we forgot about our mains!

After dinner the dancing began and that truly was an event in itself- I learnt a lot from my fellow colleagues based on the interesting dance moves they provided! The live band was very good and got everyone in the mood for a great night. There were laughs too, in the photo booth located in the corner filled to the brim with wacky clothes and accessories to wear. Needless to say those pictures were quite a reminder of the night's activities the next morning!

So after a wonderful night eating, dancing and socialising we all made our way home. It was definitely a night to remember and I cannot wait for the next one!

Written by Emma Hadley

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