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Graduate Recruitment

Out and about – time to network

Continuous learning and development is central to any legal career and such aspects of trainee life can often be incorporated in conjunction with the all important need to network. During my private client seat and in particular, in relation to my work in charitable structuring, I had the opportunity to attend the Smith and Williamston Annual Charity Conference.

The topics covered throughout the seminar included: investment outlooks and future growth trends; investment strategy; fundraising considerations; and trustees responsibilities with regards to charitable fundraising.

Upon attending the venue, I was immediately greeted by a trainee investment manager. We started to discuss our learning objectives in relation to the seminar and which elements of the agenda we were most looking forward to. Unsurprisingly, the segment surrounding the EU Referendum and its impact on UK Investments was an area of interest to many of the attendees.   

The seminar itself consisted of talks by experienced investment advisors and in addition, several distinguished guest speakers. The seminar also presented an excellent opportunity to liaise with existing clients, whilst also being introduced to prospective clients. Upon completion of the seminar, I sat down to lunch with several other attendees in order to discuss the seminar and some of the key messages conveyed throughout.

Networking is central to any legal career as it is a key contributor to "being known". Not only does networking contribute to developing new client relationships, but it also develops confidence and communication skills. Meeting new people and learning from their experiences can help you to develop new skills and practices that can further enhance your technical abilities. The results of client relationships, new ideas and improved technical ability! (Make sure you don't forget those all important business cards!)

Written by Charanjeet Bhogal

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