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Graduate Recruitment

Contracts and caffeine – a day in the life of a corporate trainee

It is 7:50am and still dark outside! I arrive at my desk to see several files, each with a post-it note attached requiring the completion of a particular task. Having read each task, I swiftly approached the kitchen and made a very strong cup of coffee to see me through the morning.

My first task is to draft a non disclosure agreement on an urgent basis. As this was my first attempt at drafting such an agreement, I found it useful to spend 20 minutes researching NDA's and familiarising myself with the terminology used therein. As I begin utilising a precedent, another supervising partner requested me to draft a disclosure letter within the hour based on information provided from the client. After one hour of drafting, I presented the disclosure letter to my supervisor and returned to the NDA.

Drafting the NDA provided an excellent opportunity for me to engage with the transaction in question. After completing the NDA, I attended a client meeting in order to take notes on the formation of a new partnership agreement. Following the meeting, I was tasked with producing a first draft of the agreement and agreed a suitable timeframe with my supervisor for completion of the draft.

Having attended all of my scheduled meetings for the day, I was able to spend the afternoon working on the several tasks that were left on my desk in the morning. At 6:00pm all of the tasks had been completed and the files returned to my supervisors. I then ensured I left enough space on my desk for the next day's files to be dropped!

Working as a corporate trainee within an expanding team has been both challenging and rewarding. Clients range from small family run businesses to large corporate firms and so the opportunity to address different client needs presents itself. Although the workload is consistently of a high volume, through time management and an excellent support structure, there is always someone on hand to help you through a day in corporate!

Written by Charanjeet Bhogal

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