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Graduate Recruitment

All change!

This year January brought with it not only the usual post-Christmas blues, but also a whole new challenge for us first year trainees - the first seat change! For me this meant my time in Private Client had come to an end and my time with Dispute Resolution had begun.

I had moved all my belongings to my new desk before Christmas so I knew where I was headed when I returned after the Christmas break but it felt quite surreal to be back at the same place of work yet sat in a new office surrounded by a new team. Luckily I had worked with the solicitor with whom I would be sharing an office before, so there was at least some familiarity. And after I was introduced to everyone I was reassured to find I had in fact met most of the Dispute Resolution team before - one of the many advantages of a firm of this size!

I was given a few pieces of work to do but with this came a feeling reminiscent of my first few weeks in Private Client... 'I don't know what I'm doing!' After asking a few more questions and familiarising myself with the files, however, I was able to get started.

Over the next few days I quickly learned that there were a fair few differences between my first seat in Private Client and Dispute Resolution - not least the pace of life! 'Not urgent' in Private Client meant later that week. Suddenly it took on a whole new meaning and I was being given tasks to do in the morning that were to go out that same day! Thankfully it didn't take long for me to feel settled in my new team as unlike when I started my first seat I was already familiar with the system and the people and I knew where to make a cup of tea!

The skills I learned in Private Client are transferrable, so when I'm given a new task I know where to look and who to ask for assistance. And of course, the winter party just two weeks into my new seat was a great way to get to know my new team in a more relaxed environment - even if it was hard to tell who a few of them were behind the '70s fancy dress!

So that's it, first big change accomplished and it wasn't nearly as daunting as I thought it would be! Only three more to go..!!

Written by Georgia Stott

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