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Graduate Recruitment

A World Wide Affair

As my preferred seat, working in the Private Client team has given me the opportunity to act on matters that are slightly "out of the blue". For example, I was asked by a partner to do some research on American law, which I know very little about. I had to contact the American embassy in London, as well as understanding the American Green Card process. After reaching a conclusion, it was then my responsibility to explain the findings to the client. Thankfully the client was pleased with the outcome.

Not only have I had to contact the American embassy, but also the Pakistani Consulate and the Italian Consulate regarding the validity of Lasting Powers of Attorney registered in the UK within such countries.

As a second year trainee, I am given much more responsibility within the department, which certainly helps develop my skills and build my confidence on the road to qualification.   

Written by Iyanu Onalaja

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