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Graduate Recruitment

A busy year occupying the chair

My role as Chair of the Trainee Charity Committee was an exciting and eventful one. With organising so many events I rarely had a quiet month, but all that effort was certainly worth it.

During the year there were several occasions when I was called on to represent the Stroke Association, our charity of the year for 2016. This culminated in the Life After Stroke Awards held at Birmingham City Football Club. The event was a celebration of the fantastic work that the Stroke Association carries out, and featured some of the key faces from its West Midlands branch, based in Bromsgrove.

Throughout the afternoon we had entertainment and some great food, accompanied by speeches from various key patrons of the charity including the Mayor of Birmingham, actress Shelley King and Dave Hill from the rock band Slade who also attended.

We heard some extremely moving stories from stroke survivors and their families. They each told of the importance of the work that the Stroke Association carries out, and why fund raising is so invaluable to support what the charity does for those affected by stroke.  

The Life After Stroke Awards was a fantastic way to end Higgs & Sons' year of sponsoring such a fantastic cause. Overall it was an incredibly enjoyable year, with lots of fun had by all during the many and varied fundraising events and activities we organised and took part in.

What really made it worthwhile however, was knowing that each and every penny raised makes a vital difference to so many people. And that it is really valued.

Blog post written by Emma Hadley

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