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Graduate Recruitment

'Where there is a will…'

Private Client is a seat with plenty of client contact and an opportunity to meet a variety of clients. It's also a great seat to meet with other professionals, namely financial advisers who assist the department when advising those with large estates who wish to invest. 

I was given the opportunity to work from home one morning because the financial adviser we were to meet was based in Meriden, which is 20 minutes from where I live.

The meeting involved discussing various clients and determining how their funds would be invested to suit their needs. It also included a telephone conference with a client - it was great to hear the client being advised from both a legal and financial perspective. That is one of the great things about Higgs - it works with other services to provide clients with practical advice pulled together from different resources.

After the meeting, I arrived at the office for 1pm; this was the first opportunity I had to check my voicemails and emails. I made a reminder to dictate the notes I took in the morning and then went on to follow up the work that I still needed to complete from the previous day.  

One of those tasks included responding to an enquiry from a potential beneficiary in respect of a legacy under a will. I also did some research in relation to a testator who wished to leave certain legacies under a will that was linked to the FTSE 100. It was important that the legacies were drafted accurately, so that they would not fail upon the testator's death.

I was then able to discuss the morning's meeting with the partner who had been in attendance, which was a great opportunity to clarify any points in my notes. This post meeting reflection time is a great way of aiding the understanding of the advice given and me to identify the further action that needs to be taken.

The work is varied within Private Client - ranging from drafting wills, to meeting clients and researching complex tax and trust matters (to name just a few things). Undoubtedly, your day will also involve being called downstairs to a client meeting to witness a will at some point.

All in all, Private Client offers a wide-range of legal experience.

Blog post written by Iyanu Onalaja

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