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'Get ready for the launch'

Ben JamesLaunch days across the UK have kick-started this year's Million Makers challenge, an initiative of The Prince's Trust. In a nutshell, the Trust is challenging corporate teams to raise £1 million to make a real difference to the lives of disadvantaged young people. Higgs & Sons is one of the teams that has been tasked with turning funding of £1,500 into a profit of £10,000.

Another trainee and I recently attended the launch in Birmingham. Below are the main highlights from the event.

Food & Fun

After being greeted by warm smiles, we were also supplied with a plethora of tasty treats at the launch. The nachos on our table were polished off by me, Katie and one of the Prince's Trust representatives, providing us with the necessary brain power for the activities that lay ahead.

Present were the teams in the West Midlands looking to take part in this year's Million Makers and we were all encouraged to take part in the team building activities.

One member from each team had to give a one-minute elevator pitch which sold The Prince's Trust. The pitch was based on material we were provided with on the day. In my unbiased opinion, Katie gave a professional, spirited pitch and was clearly the best.

Last but by no means least, the teams were challenged to make a hat from bits of craft materials and then pitch it to The Prince's Trust. Higgs' hat became 'From Dusk Til' Dawn', a funky hat for ravers, which included a visor for when the sun came up. The pitch was accompanied by a catwalk: this wasn't a conventional catwalk, but a collection of models from the teams prancing, swimming and even moonwaking. This may well have given Team Higgs the advantage as we won 'Overall Best Team' at the end of the launch day, receiving a nice box of chocolates in the process.

Team Work

For some teams this gave them a good opportunity to start thinking about ideas and concepts for MM. I certainly found that the task of selling the hat made me think about the values, vision and purpose of the product, all things that Team Higgs will need to consider when promoting whichever product/event we decide upon.

Inspiration and Motivation

Katie and I certainly left the launch more motivated for MM. It was hard not to be inspired, especially with one of the Trust's young ambassadors speaking openly about his experiences of the Trust supporting him on a positive journey to education and employment. Hearing a young person like this inspires people to support The Prince's Trust and hopefully Higgs will go on a similarly positive journey as part of Million Makers 2014.

Blog post written by Ben James

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