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Graduate Recruitment

'Dutch courage'

I begin the day by looking at my 'to do' list. The list is always varied as Higgs' corporate department includes transactional, commercial, insolvency, banking and corporate tax teams.

First off, one of the partners and I visit a prospective client looking to sell his company to a Dutch buyer. The buyer has a 'big four' accountancy firm carrying out its due diligence so there will be lots of work for us to do. As this is a prospective client, it is part legal advice, part sales pitch. After an hour and a half with the client, he understands he is in safe hands with Higgs and it is agreed that we will get to work immediately.

We head back to the office where I dictate an attendance note of our meeting. Next, I've got a loan agreement to draft for a client, along with a number of board minutes, Companies House forms and security documents to record the transaction.

After lunch, I have a meeting with a solicitor in the insolvency team and a long-term client who is a director of a company filing for bankruptcy. We spend an hour advising on the process and collecting financial information to complete the necessary forms.

Once back in my office, I dictate another attendance note and consider what else needs doing that day. I have received a memo from a partner requesting my help with a completion taking place that day at 5pm. I carry out a page-turn with a trainee at the other party's firm, checking that all of the documents disclosed are accurate and identical for both parties. Once this is confirmed, the completion is able to go ahead and our clients pop open some champagne!

All in all, a fairly typical day in the Corporate Department! (Qualified 2014)

Blog post written by Adam Thompson

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