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Graduate Recruitment

'Criminal activity'

I arrive at the office at about 8.30am, set my voicemail and check my emails.

Joe CowlesMy supervisor, who is head of the department, asks me to review a point of law ahead of an initial client meeting. I review the law and the client's papers to brief my supervisor shortly before we both head down to meet the client, who has been charged with a drink driving offence.

My supervisor leads the meeting whilst I take the notes, however, I am asked to explain the issue I had earlier reviewed to the client and am encouraged to contribute to the meeting at various other stages.

After the meeting I return to my desk to dictate the attendance note, prepare the client care letter and follow up on any action points arising from the meeting.

Either side of lunch (which I have with the other trainees down in the Atrium), I finish drafting a letter of representations that I've been working on - the purpose of which is to get the proceedings against our client dropped. The letter involves careful consideration of the facts and the law.

In the afternoon, we are representing a client who is appearing before the Magistrates. I have been working on preparing the case and attend to see how things unfold, assisting when possible. The day ends well as our client gets a good result at court and I rush off to play football for the Higgs trainee 5-a-side team. The game doesn't end quite as well - we get a spanking from one of the big city firms!

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