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'Corporate multi-tasking'

Alastair DolmanI arrive at the office at 8:15am, grab a coffee and go through any emails that have come through overnight and make a note of any tasks that arise. Due to the number of fee earners in the corporate department and the range of work undertaken at Higgs each day in the department has so far been really varied. I can honestly say that no two days have been the same.

Once I have prioritised my work for the day, my first task is to prepare an index of completion documents (signed the previous afternoon) ready to be sent to the solicitors on the other side in advance of completion. Once I have organised all the documents, I dictate the details of each document to my secretary and request that all of the documentation be scanned and an index produced. When all the documents are ready, I send them to the buyer's solicitor.

The transaction proceeds to completion and I am invited to sit in on the telephone call with my supervisor. Following completion, I am tasked with preparing the bible of documentation ready to be sent to the client. Depending on the size of the deal, this can be a long job!

Next, I receive instructions from another solicitor in the department. Our client requires a charge to be removed from Companies House and a new director to be appointed as a matter of urgency. I make the relevant online filings; draft a set of board minutes to approve the alterations and draft an email to the client ready for the solicitor to send out.

The next file on my desk requires me to put together a draft shareholders' agreement ready for an associate in the team. Once I have reviewed the correspondence and have an understanding of the clients' relationship with each other, I am able to put together a draft. The associate is happy to spend 30 minutes with me, reviewing the document and offering his opinion and suggestions on my draft. I make the amendments and draft an email enclosing the agreement.

Earlier that morning, I had received a request to review a set of articles of association for a partner in the private client department. The partner requested that I review the articles and advise whether shares owned by the client could be passed into a discretionary trust under the client's will. After reviewing the articles, it was clear that there would be a number of amendments required. I drafted an explanatory note and reviewed this with an associate in the team. The associate was happy with my conclusions and offered further guidance.

After work, I am playing in a Birmingham Trainee Solicitor's Society football match at 7:30pm and therefore had to leave the office early! We are often involved in different sporting or networking events after work and the firm really supports this, providing a good opportunity to meet other professionals.

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