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Graduate Recruitment

'Acting up'

Being a trainee solicitor isn't just about the day to day life at the office; Higgs gives you the chance to participate in exciting projects across the whole firm. In November 2013, I participated in a Mock Tribunal that was being presented to a client in London.Honor Giles

On a Thursday evening, myself and two second year trainees travelled to London to spend the night, before presenting the Mock Tribunal the following day. The trip was a great opportunity to get to know the Employment partners and second year trainees better.

The following morning, we presented the Mock Tribunal to the client at its office. I was able to network with the client's staff and answer their questions about the hypothetical case. This is a great example of how Higgs encourages trainees to build relationships with clients.

I played the role of an employee who was being accused of discriminating against a colleague. It was really good fun to get into character and hone my acting skills! I was cross examined by the head of the employment team who was acting as the aggrieved employee's representative. Afterwards, I had to stay in character to be quizzed by the attending delegates. This definitely required me to think on my feet!

I am participating in another Mock Tribunal later this year and I can't wait! It's definitely a unique way to spend your day at the office...

Blog post written by Honor Giles

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