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Graduate Recruitment

A day in the life of a trainee

Ever wondered what it's like to work at Higgs & Sons?

Every two weeks, our trainees will give a frank and honest account of life as a trainee across a range of different departments.

Simply click on the links below:

Blog 1: 'Criminal Activity' (Crime & Regulatory department)

Blog 2: 'Acting up' (Employment department)

Blog 3: 'All's fair in love and law' (Law Fair)

Blog 4: 'Charity Golf Day'

Blog 5: 'BTSS Annual Dinner'

Blog 6: 'Get ready for the launch'

Blog 7 - 'Family in-law'

Blog 8 - 'Race for Rio'

Blog 9 - 'Out of the office and into the Dam'

Blog 10 - 'From one department to another'

Blog 11 - 'A question of sport'

Blog 12 - 'Corporate multi-tasking'

Blog 13 - 'Practice makes perfect'

Blog 14 - 'An unpredictable seat'

Blog 15 - 'Dutch courage'

Blog 16 - 'EU and e-smoke - All in a day's work for an employment trainee'

Blog 17 - 'Out with the old, in with the new'

Blog 18 - 'Where there is a will...'

Blog 19 - 'Dodgey' dealings

Blog 20 - Higgs just a step away in the final reckoning

Blog 21 - Somewhere between whiplash and testicular torsion

Blog 22 - Third seat lucky

Blog 23 - Training for family fun - all part of the Higgs experience

Blog 24 - Employment Tribunal Experience

Blog 25 - A Clause that Fits: A Day in the life of a Commercial Trainee

Blog 26 - The BTSS Annual Winter Ball - a Night to Remember

Blog 27 - At Higgs we take Christmas joy seriously!

Blog 28 - Contracts and caffeine - a day in the life of a corporate trainee

Blog 29 - Higgs & Sons Winter Ball 2016: 'Through the Decades'

Blog 30 - All change!

Blog 31 - Down with the Danes

Blog 32 - Building on my experience in Commercial Property

Blog 33 - Never a dull moment..

Blog 34 - A World Wide Affair

Blog 35 - A garden of fun!

Blog 36 - Out and about - time to network

Blog 37 - Business in the Community: The Woodside Project

Blog 38 - A day out at the Royal Courts of Justice

Blog 39 - We bake, we bat, we sing... and now we howl too!

Blog 40 - A trainee Summer at Higgs...

Blog 41 - Easing my first seat nerves

Blog 42 - Two months in and the learning never stops

Blog 43 - LPAs: an investment at any age

Blog 44 - Flying by your seat

Blog 45 - A busy year occupying the chair

If you do have any questions, you can contact them directly for more details.

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